Mrs. Meenu Madhu


When our daughter was born, we knew she’ll face some difficulties. We eventually found that Rudra has Cerebral Palsy. Her cognitive abilities and development was alright, but motor skills were severely affected. While we had been giving her physiotherapy, finding the right speech therapist was a difficult task. At her age of 4, we found a good therapist, but unfortunately he was moving abroad. He told us about ZM The Speech Care Clinic, but he didn’t know the person there. I googled, got the number and fixed an appointment.
At the first instance meeting Zainab, I felt she was the right person for us. From the word go, she knew what to do. Speech therapy needs a specialist understanding of the specific needs of the child and tailors the therapy methodology to that. She had the right knowledge for that. Besides, she knew what collateral to use on what days for what requirements. My wife would often say, “when we go for a session with Zainab, she’s well prepared of what to do that day along with the material. If Rudra is non-cooperative for some reason, she’ll have a plan B.” That’s how thorough she is in her work.
Parents of children with difficulties need a realistic picture of where we stand in terms of the child’s development. She’s one of the best at giving the right prognosis and suggests the required aids.
It’s nearly been 5 years that our daughter has been in speech therapy with her. I credit a lot of what Rudra is today – cognitively, response-to-speech-wise or development-wise to Zainab. She is more a sounding board and a friend to us now, apart from being a very good speech therapist.