Mrs. A. Sharmila


Hi. I had approached ZM Speech Care for speech difficulty issues of my daughter. When I had approached their centre, my daughter was 2 years and 9 months, and she could speak only around 20 words. At our first appointment with Ms. Zainab Millwala, did a professional assessment of the problem and mentioned it was purely an expressive speech delay. Indeed, she had mentioned that speech therapy through a professional was only optional as there is a probability of her catching up. But we had insisted on a professional speech therapy.
The therapist assigned to my daughter was Ms. Bhargavi. She was well able to connect with the child in a couple of sessions. Then began her formal training sessions. Being a Medical Professional I was well able to understand that any form of rehabilitative therapies have a lag phase where not much results are seen and then comes an exponential phase. The initial 3 months were slow and not much improvement was noticed. Then after 3 months was amazed to see a sudden improvement in her vocabulary and her ability to vocalise her emotions. Initially I was worried if she would be able to join a mainstream school, but then with speech therapy she was able well able to catch up with her peers.
I personally would like to thank Ms. Zainab Millwala who formulated the speech therapy plan and was monitoring the outcome of the therapy on a periodic basis with frequent discussions with me and involving me also into my daughter’s therapy. A special thanks to Ms. Bhargavi who was the assigned speech therapist to carry out the plan. A special mention about her patience and perseverance to connect with my daughter, gain her confidence and subsequently train her. Though it sounds a Herculean task, she managed it in a very professional manner.
Overall, I stepped into ZM Speech Care in June 2018 as an anxious mother about my daughter’s speech delay. Now in December 2018 I am extremely happy that my daughter hardly shows any signs of speech delay and has been admitted to one of the International Schools in Chennai. Words can’t express my happiness and the gratefulness to ZM Speech Care for helping my daughter catch up with other children. Thank you to the team of ZM Speech Care.