Mrs. Althea Paul

I am happy to share my son’s testimonial with regard to his speech and voice quality. I praise & thank God for his guidance for leading me to the perfect Speech Therapist, Zainab.

Kristyan (D.O.B 23rd Oct 2005) was an active, normal & happy kid who enjoyed singing very much apart from playing. His speech wasn’t clear at all, to be more specific, one could never understand what he would say since he couldn’t pronounce his alphabets correctly or simply couldn’t say them. I was hoping that it would improve with reading and I made several attempts of helping him with his phonics. Two years passed & there was no improvement. This made him less confident, he wouldn’t speak in public and wasn’t doing very well with academics due to his speech, and spellings were obviously a major concern. Besides this he would sound very hoarse most of the time.

I was referred by a friend to Zainab, & when I met her she did an assessment for Kristyan and mentioned that his speech & voice quality wasn’t ok and suggested we start speech therapy. We were overwhelmed when Kristyan gained clarity in his speech within a very short span of time. His pronunciation was improving every single session. There was a “To Do List” which we promptly followed. What was even so comforting was that Kristyan looked forward to his classes and enjoyed every session. Zainab became his very close friend.

After 3 months Zainab suggested we refer an ENT specialist to get an opinion about his vocals. We did take him to Chennai’s best and was disappointed to be told that he has inflamed tonsils. The ENT specialist cautioned us that an operation would certainly be necessary. We were extremely disturbed as we certainly never wanted his tonsils removed. When we mentioned this to Zainab, she assured us that it wouldn’t be necessary and that she will work on his voice quality and required time to see how he’s progressing. We have been monitoring his voice quality and praise God we are happy with Kristyan’s speech & voice.

When I played a few previous recordings of his reading and singing, Kristyan was shocked & couldn’t understand himself.

We are so very grateful to Zainab for her kindness, patience, love and sincerity to the job in spite of being a mum herself. She is what I believe is “God’s Angel”. God Bless and I do hope parents are enlightened on how to take care of their children and never feel shy to ask for professional advice.